Friday, June 14, 2024


The club was formed at a meeting held at the King Arms in Dorchester between ten men from Dorset.

On April 19th 1875, the club was awarded an admiralty warrant allowing its title to be prefaced with the word ‘Royal’ and its members to fly the Blue Ensign.

The Prince of Wales was Commodore from 1897 – 1902.  King George V became Patron and was greatly beloved of the membership with whom he sailed.  He raced competitively for many years aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia which wore the Royal Dorset Burgee.

On his death, Britannia was scuttled in St Catherine’s Deep, off the Isle of Wight.  In 1936 her burgee and racing flag were presented to the club by HM King Edward VIII and Queen Mary.  They are proudly displayed in the club to this day.

The original RDYC Clubhouse was on the esplanade and dated from the 18th century.  At one time it was the Royal Library of King George III, Weymouth’s most distinguished patron.  In 1975, 100 years after it was founded, the club was relocated to its present building on Custom House Quay at the heart of Weymouth Harbour.  A fitting location for a great Yacht Club.

The Duke of Edinburgh became patron in 1952 and remains so to this day.

A keen sailor he has raced all areas of the south coast aboard his family yacht ‘Bloodhound’ which he owned throughout the 1960s.